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melanie klein trust

Melanie Klein Trust

Furthering the psychoanalytic theory
and technique of Melanie Klein


The drawing shown at the top of each page in this site is by Melanie Klein's 10-year-old patient, 'Richard', of his 'internal family'. Klein wrote a detailed account of Richard's psychoanalytic treatment, undertaken in 1941, in Narrative of a Child Analysis (Karnac, 1961).

Many of the images on this site are reproduced courtesy of the Wellcome Collection archive, which holds many of Melanie Klein's original papers. The archive is available to researchers on request - contact the Wellcome Library for more information or visit the website for a description of the contents of the Melanie Klein archive.

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Definitions and lists of key papers in the 'Concepts' section, and the key papers in the 'Child analysis' section are reproduced from The New Dictionary of Kleinian Thought with kind permission of authors Elizabeth Bott Spillius, Jane Milton, Penelope Garvey, Cyril Couve and Deborah Steiner.